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Our wristbands are our own creation and made from label stock material. We are able to off full colour printed to suit your needs. Our wristbands are made from a synthetic material so they are durable, tear resistant, waterproof and not harmful to the wearer.


We are proud to still have a hotfoil machine as a lot of companies have done away from this method of printing. With this we can offer embossing on your label along with also offering hot foil options onto your label or tickets if required.


We supply a wide range of Thermal Ribbons to suit all Thermal Transfer Printers and can also supply the Thermal Transfer Printers.

There are 3 main types of Thermal Ribbons we can supply.

Wax Ribbons are ideal for economy printing of images with a short life cycle.

Wax Resin
Wax Resin Ribbons offer a more durable print.

Resin Ribbons are ideally suited to synthetic materials, it is scratch resistant so it is suited to images with a long life cycles.